Avraham Meyer Zajac – In these two videos Rabbi Zajac explains some details regarding whether we stand or sit during the Kaddish (an Aramaic prayer that is said often throughout Jewish prayer services when a minyan (quorum) of 10 men is present) and also what responses are said in the middle of Kaddish. Additionally, he adds some background on how the Lubabatcher Rebbe addressed the Kaddish and also some of the historical origins of certain responses. Lastly, included is a link to the Wikipedia page on a general outline of what the Kaddish means.

Shulchan Aruch, Din Aniyas HaKiddush Al Y’dei HaKahal 56:5


Shulchan Aruch, Din Aniyas HaKiddush Al Y’dei HaKahal 56:6


Wikipedia Page on Kaddish


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