Thank you for coming to Torah-Share. We live in such overwhelming times and many answers can be found in spirituality. I sought that same spirituality and answers to deep burning questions 20 years ago and gradually became re-acquainted to the religion of my great grandfather and forefathers.

I felt very comfortable finding Torah online and my house became my own personal learning center. However, it was difficult to wade through the vast resources and personalities available online – those who really spoke to me (and of course didn’t bore me in the process). So I started this blog to post Torah learning videos that have something special (depth, deep content, answers, spirituality, guidance) and have a placeholder for them here to share with others who are seeking. Some of the videos either may not speak to you or some may have too much politically charged content or theories you don’t agree with. I myself learned how to take the good content of each lecture whether or not I agree with the political messages and theories contained therein. I encourage you to take what you want figuratively speaking and leave the rest. My goal is to sift through the lectures and share what I’ve learned on what I found valuable on my own spiritual journey so that you may too possibly come closer to Torah. To seek what you find valuable and find answers on your own spiritual journey.

Here is a short list of YouTube Channels I subscribe to (or have subscribed to in the past):

Rabbi David Aaron
Tzion Breslov Project
Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi
Rabbi Trugman
Portland Kollel
Rabbi Alon Anava
Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen
Rabbi Yaacov Haber
Talmud Israeli – Weekly Talmud video summary for beginners
Torah Thinking
Rabbi Tzvi Fischer (Daf Yomi)

Helpful Hints:

Helpful Hint #1: I found it very helpful to listen to most lectures at 2X speed (or at least 1.50X speed) getting through long lectures in 1/2 of the time and allowing me to get through content with a higher attention span. I suggest you try it – you might never want to listen at regular speed again.

Helpful Hint #2: I listen to Torah videos when I’m exercising (ie. jogging), while in the car, going for a walk, and even working sometimes. Great to fill up this time with Torah learning to increase my spirituality and reduce the mundane and sometimes negative thoughts that occur. To reduce bandwidth consumption I typically use a sound only app on my Android phone called YMusic which can be found here – https://ymusic.io/

Helpful Hint #3: If a Rabbi’s lecture doesn’t seem interesting or does not lift me up I move on. Most of the videos I post are what I consider attention grabbing, deep, helpful, etc. If you don’t like the content move on to the next one. There is nothing wrong with that!

Please reach out if you have any questions or comments: torahshareblog@gmail.com
– Chaim Shmuel