Weekly Hashkafa Shiur #117 – A Deeper Understanding of the Story of Yaakov and Esav By Rabbi Mendel Kessin

Rabbi Mendel Kessin – This class discusses the amazing story of Yaakov Avinu and Esav from a practical and spiritual perspective – about how Esav was actually an Av (Forefather) at the beginning and had great power to affect creation. However, by selling his birthright and Yaakov Avinu receiving Esav’s first born blessing from Yitzchak Avinu – his “Av(ness)” duties were passed on to Yaakov Avinu. This dramatically affected Yaakov Avinu’s life as from that point on he took on two (Av) roles – the original one he had of learning Torah in tents (bringing shefa to the World) and the one he inherited from Esav – to go out into the tuma (the harsh evil World) and stay spiritually intact. This is symbolized the Angels that go up and down the ladder. Fascinating class from Rabbi Kessin – highly recommended.

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