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Weekly Hashkafa Shiur #97 | The Tikun Process of Passover – Part 6 | Removing Zohama in Modern Times | Audio

Rabbi Mendel Kessin – Fascinating (final) class on the Pesach/Shavuot role in the tikun process which culminates this Saturday night on Shavuot. Rabbi Kessin explains how Adam (HaRishon “the first”) was so closely connected to Hashem at the very beginning of his existance until he lost that connection after the sin of eating of the fruit of the tree of good and bad. After that sin, he was then separated from Hashem. Before the sin he knew at an intrinsic level that he was nothing and there is only Hashem, after the sin he lost that knowing. Then not only was (and the rest of mankind subsequent to that) required to work for their sustenance, unlike before when work was not necessary at all, but that very work has an additional punishment in that it causes man to thinking that its him alone providing his sustenance and Hashem is separate from that process. Man lost his very knowing that there is only Hashem. To try to claw that knowing back we now need to do mitzvot (which were given on the original Shavuot and through the 2nd set of tablets) and/or through suffering. The mitzvot help us to reconnect and humble ourselves to do Hashem’s will even if we don’t “think” its the right thing to do which gets us closer to fixing our reality that there is just Hashem. Then there is suffering which does the same thing because it forces us to know we are nothing because we cant help ourselves out of suffering which makes us feel powerless and again gets us closer to know that there is only Hashem. Both are the tikunim collectively and individually for that original sin of Adam HaRishon. Shavuot is the giving of the Torah which is a gift to get back to the original state before the sin.

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