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Special prayer for the 23rd of Sivan – Rabbi Alon Anava

On the 23rd of the month of Sivan (כג׳ סיון) the decree of Haman (At the time of Mordechai and Esther) to annihilate the Jewish nation was nullified. The holy books teach us that this day is a very powerful day for prayers to nullify decrees and anything bad, evil and horrible against us. The same way that from that day and on the situation of the Jewish nation changed and became good, and “Mordecai left the king’s presence with royal raiment” (Esther 8/15) … “and the city of Shushan shouted and rejoiced” … and as a result the Megila says… “The Jews had light and joy, and gladness and honor” – The holy books teach us that this day (Sivan 23) is a powerful day to revoke and nullify any decree against you (Sickness, death, poverty, infertile, etc.)

Therefore on this powerful day there are a few things you want to do:

  1. Light two (2) candles for Esther and Mordechai
  2. Give three (3) coins to charity. The coins should be held with both hands at the same time when placing in the charity box
  3. Read chapters 22, 83, 130, 142 of Tehillim
  4. Read chapter 8 from the Megila of Esther
  5. Read Avinu Malkeinu (Without a blessing, just the text)
  6. Pray from your heart with your words anything you want and need – Ask from Hashem
  7. Recite the short prayer:

אנא ממך אלי צורי וגואלי,
כשם שעשית ניסים ונפלאות לאבותינו בימים ההם בזמן הזה, כן תתמלא רחמים גם עלי, בתוך שאר כל עמך בית ישראל הפזורים בארבע כנפות תבל, ותתמלא רחמים על כולנו, להפוך מהרה מרע לטוב, גם את כל סוגי גזרי הדין, ברוחניות ובגשמיות, בכלליות ובפרטיות, ויהיה מעתה אך טוב וחסד – בגוף ונפש וממון…”
O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. From you I am asking mercy!
The same way you performed miracles and wonders to our forefathers and all previous generations, please bestow your mercy on me the same way, to me and all of your nations that are scattered all over the world and in all 4 corners of the earth, and bestow your mercy on all of us, to transform all evil to good, annul all harsh decrees concerning us, tear up the evil [parts] of our sentence both spiritual and physical, both to myself and others and from now on it should be only goodness and kindness to our body, soul and belongings

  1. Take on yourself a good decision to add a Mitzvah to your daily schedule

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure all the above is done and read on the 23rd of Sivan (June 22nd 2022) during the day from dawn till sundown

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