!Short Clips!

!Short Clips!

Here are some YouTube direct links of very powerful excerpts from various videos (1 – 3 minutes in length). Many of us are just too busy to listen to hour-long videos, but everyone has two minutes for some high-quality “short takes” to give you an instant shot of inspiration. This link list will be continually updated so check back regularly. You can also subscribe to this blog as well by going here and be updated when there are new posts: Hope you enjoy!

(Please Note: On Desktop the !Short Clip! videos will start and end as specified in the URL, however if played on Android devices the video will continue beyond the end time.)

Don’t Worry Be Happy (7 Tevet 5781):

The Whole World Was Created For Me (7 Tevet 5781):

Simple Faith (8 Tevet 5781):

The Solution Comes With the Problem (11 Tevet 5781):

The Secret of Happiness (13 Tevet 5781):

Space, Time, and Matter (13 Tevet 5781):

What Is the Giving Life Force (13 Tevet 5781):

What the Resurrection of the Dead Might Look Like (16 Tevet 5781):

The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting – New Beginnings (20 Tevet 5781):

Why Do I Need A “Big” Rebbe? Tzadikim Are Doctors (21 Tevet 5781):

The Power Inside Your Name (21 Tevet 5781):

The World Was Created For Me? Just Pray! (21 Tevet 5781):

Kabbalah Sefirah of Yesod and Yosef (27 Tevet 5781):

“…How much does my dovening (praying) count??! Hashem adores every word that comes out of your mouth when you are dovening…” (5 Shevat 5781):