Talmud: Bava Batra 14

Rabbi Avraham Meyer Zajac – Shares at the beginning of today’s Daf Yomi about the reason the Sefer Torah has two separate wood poles. The first is practical since it allows us to easily dilineate where we left off – so we don’t have to roll up and re-roll everytime we read the Torah. The second is discussed in Kabbalah in several different interations: 1. That it’s similar to the two Keruvium in the Beis Hamidash and Hashem’s presence spoke in the middle of them. 2. The Kohanim bless with two hands spread out and speak in the middle. 3. The ten sefirot are depicted in three columns – with one of the columns in the center. Therefore, we have two wood poles and say words of the Torah reading in the middle of them.

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