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Seventy Faces – Dividing Words

Rabbi Trugman – Shares really interesting word re-arrangements from existing words in the Torah and Tanach. For example, one name for Pesach (Passover), which is coming up shortly, is “Chag Aviv” (Holiday of Spring). If you take the first letter of the word Aviv which is Alef (one) that represents Avraham, the second letter which is Beit (two) represents Yitzchak and Yaakov, the last two letters Yud and Beit (twelve) are the twelve tribes. This all is the start of the Jewish people which happened in the first month of Nissan in Egypt where we became a nation. Additionally, the same word Aviv can be divided the first two letters Aleph plus Beit or Av which means father and the last two letters Yud and Beit which means twelve equals the father of the 12 or the first of the twelve months of the Hebrew calendar which is again the first month of Nissan where the Jewish calendar started as a nation in Egypt. Many more neat examples in the video.

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