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Weekly Hashkafa Shiur #67 | The Power of a Jew

Rabbi Mendel Kessin – In this Audio shiur (class), Rabbi Kessin details how powerful a Jew is spiritually and the huge responsibility that this implies.

Personal Thoughts – I thought the power of being Jewish was being part of the “chosen people” – being educated, being part of a long line of professional successes, etc. These are great accomplishments but not the reason or goal of being a Jew. According to the Torah and our Sages the ultimate goals are: tikun olam (fixing the World), helping bring G-d’s presence into this World, bringing the World closer to G-d, and infusing the spiritual into the physical. These will help bring about the World and our own personal redemption. Sounds like a big scary goal to say the least but it’s certainly different than what I used to strive for and seems much more important.

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