Gedolei Torah

Rabbi Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim Kanievsky ZT”L רַב שמריהו יוסף חיים קַניֶבסקִי זצוק”ל

This is the incredible and phenomenal seder hayom (daily learning schedule) of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, זצוק”ל:

He would wake up a half hour after Chazos and say Tikun Chatzos, then he would learn:
11 pages of Zohar
10 Prakim of Tehillim
8 Prakim of Tanach
10 Simanim of Mishna Berura
8 Prakim of Rambam
10 Simanim of Tur and Shulchan Aruch
8 Daf of Talmud Bavli
8 Daf of Talmud Yerushalmi
8 Prakim of Midrashim
8 Daf of Kisvei HaAri
8 Daf of Kisvei Haramchal
Then he would write his chidushei Torah

Twice a day, for an hour, people would come for a Bracha.

He would make a siyum every year on all of Zohar, Tanach, Mishna Berura, Rambam, Tur, Shulchan Aruch, Shas Bavli, Tosefta, Shas Yerushalmi, Midrashim, Kisvei HaAri, and Kisvei Haramchal.

The Siyum always took place on Erev Pesach, 14 of Nissan, for Taanis Bchorim. This year, a leap year, he did the siyum on the 14 of Adar, the day before his petirah!

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