Current Events

!Short Clips! Living With The Times – Current Situation in Israel – Crying Hearts

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman – Shares about how we are now crying tears in the physical sense and with our our broken hearts and how that parallels the crying of Avraham Avinu in our upcoming weekly Torah portion reading (Chayei Sarah). The letter chuf that is made small in the actual Torah text represents that crying and the personal private nature of the sadness of our Patriarch (Avraham) losing his wife and our Matriarch (Sarah).

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Like we prayed on Rosh Hashana:
Teshuva (repentance), Tefilah (prayer), and Tzedakah (charity) remove an evil decree.

Torah Stories

Vayigash – Growing Through Genesis

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman – shares with us how this week’s Torah portion gives us a great example of the emotions (ie. crying) of Joseph and also relating how some of our great Jewish historical figures, like King David and Rachel Imenu, outwardly expressed their emotions.

Personal Thoughts – It’s amazing how we sometimes hold back our emotions when some of the greatest Jews in history outwardly expressed their emotions and it’s written in the Torah, Prophets, and Writings for all to see for thousands of years. Motivates me to really get in touch with my emotions and be like my forefathers/mothers.

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