Weekly Hashkafa Shiur #66 Sukkot Our Guarantee Into the Future World – AUDIO

Rabbi Mendel Kessin – Shares some very deep and specific information on what the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot means and represents to us today.

Personal Thoughts – Most of the information presented I never really heard before and it really opened my eyes to the true meanings of Sukkot and how interesting it really is. A little late as Sukkot is almost over but still relevant. Loved it – hope you will too!

If you are interested in more videos from this Rabbi please visit this YouTube Channel:

Tu Bishvat – Higia Chag La’ilanot

Rabbi Yehudah Silver – Explains many aspects of Tu Bishvat and how it relates to many spiritual concepts in the past and the present. Also, a nice song for the Holiday as well. Enjoy.

Personal Thoughts – There are so many things that we need to work on individually, as a Jewish people, and World collectively. This video helped motivate me to continue on a spiritual path. Come join me!