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KLM Sending a Thank-you Note to Hashem

Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit – Shares with us a way we can thank Hashem for all the good He bestows upon us and the subsequent connection that results from that thanks. Rabbi Wegbreit details a hypothetical situation of when you ask your Father for financial help to help one of your family members going through a health crisis and once the crisis passes you send your Father a telegram of thanks for his help. This can parallel our gratitude and thanks to Hashem when he gets us or those close to us through a crisis we can also send Him a thank you telegram by saying Tehillim Kuf (Psalm #100) with a sense of gratitude and thanks. By developing this two-way relationship with Hashem we can grow a deeper connection to Hashem (aka Devekut) which is an essential purpose of our life. Feel free to watch the Rabbi’s short video to get the whole story (~16 minutes).

Please note – Rabbi Wegbreit gave me permission to let our viewship know that in the video he mentioned both Tehillim Kuf (Psalm #100) and Tehillim Kuf Yud (Psalm #110) however Rabbi Wegbreit meant Tehillim Kuf (Psalm #100) in all cases for this video.

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