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!Short Clip!

Shulchan Aruch, Dinei Birkas haTorah 47:1 – Laws Relating to the Blessings for Torah Study, Part 1

Rabbi Avraham Meyer Zajac – The Rabbi explains why the Alter Rebbe insisted that we be very careful how we properly say the blessings before we start learning Torah. The reason is it was one of the reasons the Jews were driven into exile after the destruction of the 2nd Temple. How does this even make sense? He further says – the source of this is in the Talmud that it is as if Hashem Himself explained it directly to those learning his Torah. Chassidus explains that Torah is G-dliness en-clothed in words. It’s not that we didn’t learn Torah it’s that we didn’t keep it on the front of our mind that we are learning Hashem’s words and connecting with His very essence when we learn Torah.

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