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Throw Yourself on HaShem COMPLETELY

Rabbi David Yisrael Kalmus – How much should you thrown yourself on Hashem? Completely! This video explains step by step how to do that according to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov’s teachings. Rabbi Kalmus also answers someone towards the end of video who asked why they are not getting what they are asking for. The answer is a bit blunt but the explanation was clear – because we don’t want it enough….yet. He further explains that we just recently read the weekly Torah portion where Sara Imenu finally has a child (after 90 years of praying). Why did it take so long? Because to have a child who becomes one of the most important persons every to walk the face of the Earth, who gives birth to the Jewish people, who Hashem uses as an example of why He constantly forgives the Jewish people for their transgressions it took an unprecedented amount of want.

Personal Thoughts – If you want to hear more about this important concept watch the video. It’s about 35 minutes at single speed and 17 minutes at double speed.

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