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Double Feature Monday

You’re Doing Something Big. Keep Fighting! by Rabbi David Yisrael Kalmus

Rabbi Kalmus shares with us how all despair comes from belief in nature versus belief in Hashem gives them life force. Anxiety and Fear versus Faith and Comfort. Hashem created nature and can change it if He chooses. Also, that all sadness comes from (excess of the mind) – like eating the peel instead of the fruit. Everyday in our prayers Jews say that Hashem re-creates the World everyday. Chassidus teaches that every detail is all Hashem (even including a simple leaf turning the air). If these concepts interest you watch the video (~34 minutes).

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Weekly Hashkafa Shiur #72 | The Blueprint of Creation – Part 1 AUDIO by Rabbi Mendel Kessin

Rabbi Kessin shares with us the buidling blocks of creation. For example, the seven attributes of creation “down here” so to speak and the real lack of knowledge we don’t have about the creation “up there” (fascinating discussion). Once we have the basics of creation down we can better understand what our role is and how we can do our responsibility to fulfill the purpose of creation.

Personal Thoughts – I like how the Rabbi doesn’t pontificate and claim to know about all the details of creation or what Hashem wants and quite humbly states there is a lot we just don’t know about the whats and whys of this very esoteric subject.

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Personal Growth

Monday Double Feature – Rabbi David Kalmus – and building fences on YouTube

These two videos – one last week via Zoom only and yesterday’s video via live class in Jerusalem. The first one talks about the importance of speaking out our prayers loudly to better help our prayers come into actual fruition. The second video focuses on the power of our ratzon (our will) – the more we want something the greater chance we have to manifest it in our lives. Hope you enjoy them!

One of the above videos discusses the need to build fences to protect us from outside influences. One of those is protecting our eyes from immodesty when watching YouTube videos. To circumvent this I did some research on Google and found the following methodologies to limit what I see when watching YouTube videos and avoid seeing immodest things without my consent. I’ve decided to post it here for those that are interested to help comply with what is referenced by Rabbi Kalmus above. Please note these are not my technical inventions but just stuff I researched on Google (and are public knowledge):

Here is how you can make YouTube a safer place. The key is the ability to go directly to the channels you subscribe to ONLY. Here is how to do it:

For Desktop – make a bookmark using this link:
120% screen zoom (which blocks out things you don’t want to see)

For Mobile – the app icon you should use:
Long press YouTube and then drag the subscriptions shortcut onto the home screen to make an icon! You can then edit the subscriptions icon to put the icon of the YouTube app.

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Monday Double Feature

Finding Refuge from the Flood Waters of our Life

Rabbi David Yisrael Kalmus – Shares with us the very essence of prayer and the various hints to prayer (including the life of Noah and Moshe).

Personal Thoughts – Our lashon (tongue) is the key to freedom. The flood (problem) of today is atheism (compared to the flood during Noah’s) and the solution is prayer.

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Seasons of the Soul – The connection between the months of Av and Tishrei

Rabbi Trugman – Shares with us the connection between the Jewish month of Av and Tishrei (the Three Weeks and the New Year).

Personal Thoughts – I like the Rabbi’s explanation of the number 9 and all the references throughout during this time of the year. It’s time to bring Rosh Hashanah consciousness into our life right now – it’s not too early.

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Personal Growth

Double Feature by Rabbi David Yisrael Kalmus

LH: Hashem Is The Cause

LH: Shabbat of the Miracle

Personal Thoughts – There are so many deep and valuable concepts that the Rabbi discusses in these two videos that I needed to watch/listen to them twice. Hope you enjoy the content!

If you are interested in more videos from this Rabbi please visit his YouTube Channel: