Lashon Harah – Introduction to the full course that will cover everything about Lashon Harah

Rabbi Alon Anava – This video is about the consequences both personally and globally of lashon harah (evil speech that is actually true and/or gossip). Obviously a very relevant topic of our time.

Personal Thoughts – This is a very difficult topic for me personally as although I’ve advanced in my spiritual condition over the years, when confronted with the topic of lashon harah I feel free far from any progress, except for the awareness that I’m far. I’ve read much information on the topic but it’s so difficult how to even grasp where to start. One Rabbi was asked how do you repent from speaking lashon harah and he said the analogy of taking a feather pillow and ripping it open on the top of a building on a windy day. Now that all the feathers have flown off go and collect all the feathers and put them back in the pillow. That’s how difficult it is to rectify lashon harah. Kind of a depressing topic to be honest but the first step is to try one little bit at a time to change what one says and hears.

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Jewish Law (Halachah)

Meaningful Response to Tragedy 10 Easy Principles to Avoid Loshon Harah

Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit – Shares great insight on how to deal with Tragedy in a positive productive way by changing how we behave.

Personal Thoughts – Lashon Hara (translated loosely as “evil speech”) is a tough nut to crack due to habit – this simple approach seems more doable then most other ways and can make a real change.

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Mussar (Ethics)

The True Power of Speech (Lashon Hara)

Rabbi Mendel Kessin – This video is actually almost 20 years old but the content really gives a very clear picture of why Lashon Hara (Evil Speech) is so destructive to us individually and also collectively as a Jewish people. The benefits of overcoming this insidious disease will help free us. The truth will really set us free!

Personal Thoughts – The video production and presentation is a bit distracting but the concrete clarity of the message was very educational for me. If you can look past those distractions (maybe even best just to listen to the audio only) it was a very good lecture. I’ve listened to some of Rabbi Kessin’s more current lectures and will try to post some in the future.

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