World Events

Leading Rabbis Speak on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Rabbi Daniel Travis – Short 11 1/2 minute video (at the Kotel – Western Wall – in Jerusalem) on the spiritual reasons of the Ukraine/Russian War. Although I don’t understand a lot of the words Rabbi Travis uses the basic premises stated of taking on more learning Torah and extra kindness to others are good positive messages to take from the most recent World events.

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Mussar (Ethics)

A Talk To Mikdash Melech Yeshiva In Jerusalem – May 2021

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – Shares with us the value of Torah learning and how the World we live in stands on it.

Personal Thoughts – The Rabbi explains how the World we see with our eyes is actually the World of sheker (lies) – which hides the true spiritual World we can uncover through learning Torah.

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