Weekly Torah Portion

Parashot Acharei Mot-Kedoshim Weekly Summary – With video clips from Rabbi Moshe Pinto, Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman, and Rabbi David Kaplan

The Best Addiction by Rabbi Moshe Pinto Parasha Chaye Mot

Rabbi Pinto – Shares how important it is to focus on our “true” life which is our spiritual life which does not expire like our physical bodies. This perspective replaces despair with inspiration allowing us to leave our “life” problems behind.

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman – Shares about the aspect of this double parasha as it pertains to Yom Kippur.

It Gets My Goat (Rabbi Dovid Kaplan) (Weekly Parsha – Acharei Mos)

Rabbi David Kaplan – Interesting discussion about this week’s upcoming double Torah portion (Acharei-Mos) and the yearly event on Yom Kippur of the two goats. One is given as a korban (offering) to Hashem, while the other is pushed off a cliff to Azalzel. Rabbi Kaplan shares the deeper meaning behind all of this and how it is relevant to our current life and lifestyle.

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Weekly Torah Portion

Parasha Beshalach Weekly Summary – With video clips from Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz, Rabbi Asher Wegbreit, Rabbi Mendel Kessin

Starting out the week with a Q&A with Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz through the Rabbi’s vast knowledge and depth of Torah offers such balanced, well thought out, compassionate yet conservative approach to halachic questions by the Rabbi’s students. Here are some examples of the questions addressed in the video:

-Should a ger (convert to Judaism) say “shelo asani goy” (that I was not made a non-Jew)?

-What is the Jewish view of acupuncture, qi, etc?

-What is the importance of physical beauty?

-Should one eat while learning?

-How could the Day of Judgment, filled with fear, fall on Shabbos, filled with rest?

-Should a religious person commit tax evasion in Israel?

-What are the halachic considerations of moving a parent into a nursing home?

Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit share in this !Short Clip! a very easy path to improving your connection to Hashem through intention while doing mitzvot. Simple approach.

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This Rabbi in this !Short Clip” shares that the Alter Rebbe (the founder of Chabad chasidus) tells us in the Tanya that everything we do really does matter and we can change all of existing with one difference in our actions – this can be viewed as scary or empowering (or both):

Rabbi Mendel Kessin shares how the “irrationality” of Hashem during Akeida Yitzchak (the Binding of Isaac) towards Avraham Avinu is the shield the Jews have had since then from all the sins. Our loyalty to Hashem as Jews exemplified by Avraham Avinu is with us even today.

In this shiur by Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz on the weekly parasha show all aspects of the splitting of the sea and how we can relate in directly to modern times. There are a lot of parallels that we can learning from.

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