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The Paradox (Rabbi Dovid Kaplan) (Weekly Parsha – Chukas)

Rabbi David Kaplan – Shares about the upcoming weekly parasha (Chukas) – some interesting tidbits including:

The story of Dovid Hamelech (King David) and how he tried to protect himself from the Angel of Death by learning Torah and where it’s alluded to in this parasha.

Keeping our eyes on the long term benefits of doing the right thing and living the right way. Being mocked for being religious Jews but a life of meaning shines through over time.

Not everything in life has to be understood.

Shlomo Hamelech (King Solomon) and Moshe Rabeinu and their lack of understand and understanding of the Red Cow mitzvah expressed in a pasek. Pasek Yud Zion (840 9 lines from bottom) – take from the tamei person the ashes of the chatat – first letter of word latamei, and subsequent words spells limoshe jumble letters it spells shlomo.

Also, two different ways to purify oneself – mikva full immersion otherwise is doesn’t take vs. red cow water only a drop that nicks your ear makes you pure. Represents full change versus a bit at a time – different types of teshuva.

Effort in Torah yields results. Dedicated.

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