Personal Growth

Rise Above the Challenge

Rabbi David Yisrael Kalmus – In the third live class in Eretz Yisroel (in Ramat Beit Shemesh) the Rabbi shares a five point plan of action to deal with life’s challenges that we all may experience at some time during our life. This can be viewed as a practical guide to living that is sourced in Torah which is the basis of life itself and yields tangible results in our day to day life.

Personal Thoughts – This was the first class of Rabbi Kalmus that I attended in person. Although this video blog enables anyone to view a class or classes after the fact and is designed to help anyone learn Torah in the comfort of their own space, Rabbi Kalmus does emphasize that the best way to learn from a class is to attend it live, next to view it while it’s live, and lastly to watch the video afterwards. If you can attend the Rabbi’s future classes I highly recommend to make the effort. Hope you enjoy the class!

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