Jewish Law (Halachah)

Introductory Overview to Studying Halachah (Jewish Law)

Rabbi Avraham Meyer Zajac – This video is a very clear explanation of the development and the codification of Jewish Law (Halachah) from the Torah to the beginning of Chabad (246 years ago). (this video could not be embedded so this link takes you to the video on the website)

Personal Thoughts – I’ve been looking to start studying Halachah (Jewish Law) by learning two Halachot per day. However, my preferred method is to watch videos as I absorb the material better that way. However, looking around I don’t see much and certainly not much in an organized fashion. Rabbi Zajac and Chabad have a very organized video series methodology which shows also by how well this particular video presents the introduction. This viewpoint is the Halachah as expounded upon by the first Rebbe of Chabbad (the Alter Rebbe, R’ Schneur Zalman of Liadi). Please reach out if you have another video Halachah series presented in an orderly fashion (’s email is – listen towards the end as it relates to why we make Challot (bread) for Shabbat (and Holidays) the way we do.

If you are interested in more videos from this Rabbi please visit this website: