General Torah

Naaseh VeNishma by HaRav Yitzchak Breitowitz, End of Days By Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz, Reincarnation by Rabbi Moshe Pinto, There is Good, Open Your Eyes and You’ll See it By Rav David Yisrael Kalmus

A variety of videos for this past week with some of the following highlights:

-Rabbi Breitowitz shares how when we put on tefillin we are following the dictum of Naaseh VeNishma (arm being Naaseh and head being VeNishma).

-Rabbi Dr. Tatz shares the Torahs sources for what will happen during the end of days (and some of the current events reflecting those sources).

-Rabbi Pinto shares the Torah’s view of reincarnation and how we can see in manifest in our current days.

-Rabbi Kalmus share how faith in our current circumstances is a reason in and of itself equalizing the good and bad events that happen in life.

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