Personal Growth

The Truth No One Wants To Say

Rabbi David Yisrael Kalmus shares some of Rabbi Nachman’s Torah on how to avoid pursuing things that are hurtful to us and focus on find those things that are beneficial to us and answering important questions like “why do I constantly feel despair?” or “Why do I feel sadness?”

Personal Thoughts: In the video Rabbi Kalmus gives over some practical ways for me to deal with despair and sadness. A suggested exercise about going on a news and social media diet can be found at the 49:00 mark of the video (I tried it and it helped me increase happiness). However, I do recommend listening to the parts leading up to the exercise for proper context. Also, he tells a very powerful personal story about his cousin that was in a coma and his miraculous recovery starting at the 56:25 mark. Enjoy!

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