There is a part of us we can’t change!

Rabbi Moshe Pinto Shlita – Shares with us the essence of our never changing soul (neshama) that no matter what we do it is unchanging but also how we can purify our soul from the “dirt” that it acquires throughout our lives and the tools and events in our lives that help up connect to our Jewish soul.

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The Afterlife

Yahrzeit – 4 Tamuz 5781 (ד׳ תמוז תשפ״א) – Dr. Milton Raskin -מנדל אברהם בן ישראל

Today is the Yahrzeit of my Uncle (Dr. Milton Raskin – מנדל אברהם בן ישראל) who was niftar (passed on) one year ago today according to the Hebrew calendar. May his neshama have an aliyah (לעילוי נשמת).

Personal Thoughts – I never really knew my Uncle so well to be honest but in the process over the past year of saying kaddish for him everyday in Shul (the Synagogue) I got to know him more, spiritually speaking. Hoping his neshama has an aliyah (his spirit reaches greater heights).

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