Personal Growth Prayer

!Short Clips!

Rabbi Avraham Meyer Zajac – Within the context of how to erase what has been written on parchment (Torah, Tefillin, and Mizuzot), the Rabbi tells us a life lesson as well – that (paraphrasing) “sometime we have to wait until our mistake has dried before doing teshuva on it”.

Rabbi David Yisrael Kalmus – Shares how our prayers for our zivug (life partner) is intimately tied to our success in parnasa (sustenance) – daily focused prayer (Hibodidut) to Hashem is essential for both to be fruitful.

Jewish Holidays

The Opportunity To Change Your Mazal!

Rabbi Moshe Aharon Pinto Shlita – Shares with us how to change our Mazal and Saturday night is the time!

Personal Thoughts – Last year I didn’t find this video until after Pesach so I saved it for this year and grateful to share it with everyone pre-Pesach.

Chag Kasher V’Sameach